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Why Reimagining Your Career During A Pandemic Is A Good Idea

Making a career move may seem counterintuitive during a crisis or time of uncertainty. But the truth is, it may be exactly the boost your professional life needs. From diversifying your current skill set to totally changing industries or direction, here’s how to set yourself up for optimal success.

Acknowledge—and accept—that there’s a pandemic going on. The truth is, we don’t know when (or if) it will be over. Best case scenario, there’s going to be a new normal to deal with. 

If you’re currently in a job, what are the future prospects for that industry? Is it a field you want to pursue? Is it the right fit for you and your family moving forward? Be clear about why you’re thinking about switching jobs.

Whether or not you’re currently working, carve out time to reassess your career goals, short and long-term. A new job or work path can actually be empowering, opening up possibilities you may not have considered.

Transformation is possible, even when things seems to change on a daily basis. Don’t get stuck waiting for things to go back to “normal”—we don’t know what that is. Embrace both the highs and the lows, personally and professionally.

“My role as a coach and catalyst is to guide you down a path that balances what you want to do with what’s viable in today’s marketplace.”

Network—big time. Be your own advocate. Set up informational interviews. Don’t hesitate to ask for referrals or recommendations. Take action. Be sure to follow up.

It’s more important than ever to utilize technology, from emailing business contacts to making appropriate LinkedIn connections to joining relevant networks. Because you’re doing it virtually, make sure your communications are genuine.

Identify what you’re (really) good at—and how you can make a living doing it. What’s your unique genius? Are your skills in line with something that’s in demand right now? Can they be adapted? Focus on your accomplishments—who you are now.

My role as a coach and catalyst is to guide you down a path that balances what you want to do with what’s viable in today’s marketplace. Don’t become a combination of your fears and anxieties. Always look forward and be your authentic self. Lead with clarity and purpose, during both your job search and interview process.

Take online classes to build transferable skills. There have never been as many choices, from adding to your existing skill set to learning something entirely new. You can also explore special interests—think photography, culinary arts, writing, technology, design, among others.

Depending on how major a transition you are attempting to make, it may mean taking a lower-paying position or even an internship to gain more relevant career experience. Instead of looking at it as a step down, focus on the experience you’ll gain—and where you want to be in the future.

Lose the noise of distraction. Don’t let roadblocks deter you. Inevitably, there are going to be unforeseen circumstances along the way. Whether that means rolling with the punches or taking a specific course of action, the more prepared you are to deal with change and challenges, the better the outcome. Success comes to those who can think creatively, adapt easily, act tenaciously and, ultimately, stay true to their vision.

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